Word Counts Are Not for Everyone

I’d like to address something that’s come up in our #1kaday challenge.

In her blog post today, Julie Munroe Martin questions whether this particular process of writing — 1,000 words a day come hell or high water — is working for her. Although she has met every daily word count so far, she’s concerned about writing quality as well as quality of life — sleepless nights, the competition, the pressure, etc., which are all legitimate concerns.

It’s important to remember that everyone has his or her own writing process. Last summer, I discovered that writing 1,000 words a day was mine. Trust me, before I reached that conclusion, I had tried two pages a day, 500 words a day, an hour a day, just writing when I felt like it. None of it worked the way 1,000 words did. It was my magic number.

Maybe for you it’s devoting one day a week to writing or writing for an hour every morning. Please, please don’t feel discouraged if you want to drop out of the #1kaday thing. As long as you’re writing and you’re happy with what you’re writing, that’s all that counts. Not a daily word count.


4 thoughts on “Word Counts Are Not for Everyone

  1. I have my groove, and I don’t question it. I do something writing related every day, but I don’t force mysel to write a ton of words or edit a certain amount. My mind just doesn’t work that way.

  2. Dina, you’re so lucky to have found a motivation that works well for you! It’s what all of us as writers seek, and I’m still looking for the one (or combination of ones) that works best for me. Looking forward to Thursday participation in #1Kwordchallenge and #1kaday and more great blog posts on Making Baby Grand! Cheers, Julia

  3. So far 1000 a day is working for me. It has been challenging considering I am also participating in the A-Z challenge. I did write 2000 on Saturday so I could spend Sunday babysitting grandkids. They wanted me to write…go figure.

  4. I think you’re right. I tend to thrive on 2k a day when I’m not too busy. Otherwise it’s just write when I have time. I don’t hold to the 2k come hell or high water because it’ll just hurt me both mentally and physically. That’s never good.

    Some people just never like word counts, which is why I respect you for mentioning this. =)

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