Happy Birthday to ‘Making BABY GRAND’!

On March 30, 2010, a harried, hopeful aspiring novelist started this blog as a way to get her butt into gear and get busy finishing her novel, which was about a third of the way done. Since then, not only have I finished Baby Grand, and revised it twice, but I’m about to kick-start my second novel, In the Red, on Friday — writing 1,000 words a day, every day, for three months (hashtag: #1Kaday).

The creation of this blog has provided clarity, a way for me to write through procrastination and organize my thoughts, but the best part, for sure, has been meeting so many other talented writers and readers — a warm, embracing community of artists, avatars and names that make me smile every time they appear in my comments or on my Twitter or Facebook pages.

Thank you, everyone, for a tremendous year, and I look forward to engaging with you for many more.


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to ‘Making BABY GRAND’!

  1. What a wonderful accomplishment! I’m so impressed with what you’ve done in a year. Happy Birthday to your blog and may next year bring even more success for you Dina! =)

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