1,000 Words a Day, Again

I’m ready to take the plunge again.

Beginning April 1, I will push myself to write 1,000 words a day on my second novel, In the Red, while I wait for word on Baby Grand.

Readers of this blog know that I tried setting a word count last fall, after I completed my first draft of Baby Grand, but had difficulty maintaining focus on the new novel while the old one was still top of mind. Then the revisions for Baby Grand began, and I had to put In the Red on the back burner.

Well, now revisions for Baby Grand are complete, and for the last month I’ve been compiling notes for In the Red as well as the sequel to Baby Grand simultaneously — working on them both — which has been fun, but it’s time to focus on one.

So this is the plan: I’ve given myself three months to complete a rough draft. By then it will be the summer, and I will put the manuscript away for two months and frolic with my kids. Then when the kids go back to school in September, I will revisit the novel and revise.

And, of course, all that time I will be waiting… and waiting… for the news. Any news.

This is the way I seem to work at my best. Deadline set. Some 1,000 words a day. Fast and furious. My own little NaNoWriMo x3.

Oh, and if anyone wants to take the ride with me — maybe there’s a novel you’ve been wanting to finish — come along. I’d love the company.


6 thoughts on “1,000 Words a Day, Again

  1. Oh cool!!
    I just started that word goal as well…yesterday!! It’s so great to have company. I’ll cya on twitter, and add u to my blogroll. :-) looking forward to it!

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