The End Is In Sight

I just now, sitting here, figured out the ending to my next novel, In the Red. It came to me, as most ideas often do, while I was just daydreaming and not thinking at all about the novel.

I’ve written before about how I’d always known how Baby Grand was going to end, which I found so crucial as I was writing it, because I felt like I was writing toward a beacon in the darkness — and some days along the way were really dark.

I guess that means I’m ready to get serious about #2. I’ve written about 25 pages so far of just random notes on character traits, plot devices, etc. Actually, that’s not true. Last fall, I wrote an entire first chapter and half of a second. The first chapter is officially scrapped or, rather, set aside for another scene or novel, since my ideas for In the Red have changed somewhat since the beginning.

Next, I’m going to construct a general outline for the book — something I hadn’t done for Baby Grand until I was well into writing it, probably about midway. I think an outline will help me wrangle all these wild, errant ideas I have and help me piece things together.

Gosh, here we go again…


5 thoughts on “The End Is In Sight

  1. For my book that will launch in May, I did a scene-by-scene outline before I started writing.

    Even though, by the second chapter, I’d made changes in the outline and, by the fourth chapter, it had serious cuts and bruises, I need that scaffolding there to give just a bit of order as I unleashed the wild demon who wrote the book :-)

  2. Just heard that you are moving onto your next novel. I’d love to catch a synop of your next book and create a book cover for you. Do you goto print or e-format?

    Give me a shout if I can be of design service!

  3. Good for you! I love that feeling. Just had it with a short story I was working on for a month. Had seven drafts and couldn’t find the link that made it work and end properly. Had sort of given up. Told myself, fine, this is the very best you can do. It will just be a bit clunky, so be it. Two days after I gave up, I was half awake early in the morning, rolling around on the bed. Suddenly I heard these snippets of dialogue in my mind that hadn’t been there before. Boom, there was the answer. Jumped up, grabbed the back of a bank receipt and started writing.

    Once I stopped struggling against it, the solution came to me.

    I’m glad you are feeling energized to proceed. Good luck. :)

  4. Happy outlining. I’ve never been able to do extensive outlines. I’m more of an organized pantser! I need to have a general idea of the ending and maybe a few plot points in between to keep me headed in the right direction, but I like the freedom of simply stepping out into the unknown. Working on something new is always exciting. I’m at that stage, too, but hanging back to finish additional revisions on something else.

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