Can 1 Person Pen 2 Novels Simultaneously?

That is the question. At least for me.

I started writing In the Red last year after I finished the first draft of Baby Grand. And I am totally into it. I have a few chapters under my belt, and the ideas keep coming.

Problem is, so do the ideas for the sequel to Baby Grand, which, for now, I’ll call Baby Grand 2 (the real title will give something away in the first book). Just when I get going on one book, an idea for the other pops into my head.

So rather than freak out about it, which I’ve been doing for a few days and doesn’t seem to be getting me anywhere, I’ve decided, at this early stage, not to choose one over the other. I’m going to write both — In the Red one day, or two or three, and then Baby Grand 2 when the inclination hits me. I’m sure at some point down the road, I’ll have to choose one to really focus on and get done, but for now I’m just going to embrace both books and have double the fun. Or is it double the agony?

Am I nuts?



3 thoughts on “Can 1 Person Pen 2 Novels Simultaneously?

  1. That doesn’t sound crazy to me. I’m working on three novels of varying levels of intensity. I can choose which one to work on at any given time. Keep them both coming!

  2. It makes perfect sense to me. As you point out, they will both have later publishing dates if you divide your time, but probably you will focus mostly one until it is finished. You will already have another in progress, so the time you lost you will recover. Blessings to you…

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