So Far, So Good!

When I finally had procrastinated enough last week and pushed myself to open the Baby Grand word document, I was worried it would be like the first round of revisions, when on the first day I spent half an hour agonizing over the first paragraph and was blown away by unhappy I was with the manuscript in general.

What a difference this time around!

On Day 1 of Revisions Round 2, I breezed quickly through the first 30 pages, changing a word here and there but mostly pleased with what I read. Thank God. Although I’m still a day behind in schedule because of an unexpected trip to Jersey, I’m chugging along and feeling more satisfied and berating myself far less. The experience of Revisions Round 2 is kind of like opening a children’s coloring book that’s already been completed and just touching things up, finding the tiny white spots you missed and filling them in. Sure, there are a few entire pages that still need to be colored here and there, but overall the majority of the work has been done and, as I read, I can admire the colorful characters that fill its pages.


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