There’s Nothing Like Your First Time

We talk a lot about debut authors around here. As a freelance journalist looking to publish her first novel, I’m interested in hearing about the first-timer’s road to publication. (Yesterday, Kathleen Rodgers told us about hers.) Today, Carol Garvin posted a list of debut novels on her blog, many of which I’ve read and enjoyed. I remember when I read A Time to Kill, the first novel written by John Grisham — I read it after The Firm, the book that launched Grisham into the stratosphere. In his author’s note to A Time to Kill, Grisham wrote something that always stuck with me: “This one came from the heart. It’s a first novel, and at times it rambles, but I wouldn’t change a word if given the chance.”

Although my mind right now is focused on another round of revisions, my hope is that when Baby Grand (fingers crossed!) is published one day, I will feel the very same way.


2 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Like Your First Time

  1. Thanks for the mention, Dina. I’m sure you’re going to get that chance with Baby Grand.

    Our first published novels won’t necessarily be the first one we wrote — that doesn’t happen very often — but I think we pour ourselves into that first one with a naive abandon that will always give it a special place in our heart. My first one will never be published, and likely not my second. I’ve learned enough since writing them to know that they’re pretty awful. LOL. But I have hopes for my next two. :)

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