Writing Tip #10

Let the characters drive their story. Today, I am feverishly finishing up the revisions on Baby Grand (about 12 days later than I had hoped, but who’s counting…). When I began, I had some very definite ideas about what I wanted to do in this book, and, overall, I think I succeeded in created the work that I envisioned. But there were times, as there are today, when I stopped and asked myself, “Would he really do that? Would she really say that?” And sometimes the answer was no, and I sat back in my chair and groaned and reworked the scene, because certainly if I’m questioning the authenticity of something, the reader will too. As much as I’m all for wrapping things up neatly, it only works if I’m able to stay true to the motivations of the characters I’ve worked so hard to create. In other words, your characters will always know what do to and where to go in your story. Sometimes you just have to hand them the reins and enjoy the ride.

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