Keep Your Automated DMs to Yourself

Okay, people. I understand the need for marketing your stuff (Facebook pages, blogs, etc.) and how difficult it is to get anyone’s attention in this crazy-distracted world we live in, but the automated DM isn’t the way to do it. I’m constantly surprised by the number of people on Twitter who use automated DMs. (For those who don’t know, a DM is a direct message sent via Twitter which can only be seen by the receiver and sender, not by the entire Twitterverse, and an automated DM is one that is addressed, basically, to “to whom it may concern.” It’s like receiving a mass, bcc email. Or an automated telephone call.)

Automated DMs might be the hottest thing in the Twitterverse, as I saw it described by one blogger, but they leave me feeling rather cold. If you want to thank me, do it as a mention, or do it with a personalized DM. You want me to like your Facebook page? Get to know me first — or, better yet, let me get to know you better.

I read once about a Tweep who goes so far as to unfollow anyone who sends him an automated DM after he follows them. I haven’t done that — yet. But, remember, there’s a reason I followed you in the first place. It’s because I thought you were interesting. And had something to say. Not because I was asked to do so in an automated message.


2 thoughts on “Keep Your Automated DMs to Yourself

  1. Well said! I was slow to find my way to Facebook and Twitter because I wasn’t sure I saw their purpose. While they can be great communication tools, too often the goal seems to be gaining friends and followers for the sake of their numbers rather than any social interaction. I don’t read anonymous mail or accept canned phone messages, so I’m with you when it comes to automated DMs.

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