Cooperative Publishing

I attended a free seminar put on by the National Writers Union, New York Chapter, on Monday about the various publishing options out there. Four authors told their stories about their own unique roads to publication.

One of those authors, Scott Pruden, told of his experience in joining with nine other authors to form a “cooperative publishing company” — basically the members of the company are all interested in writing and publishing their own book, so they decided to band together, create a company, Codorus Press, and publish each others’ books one at a time. Think of it as self-publishing, but as a group.

Scott Pruden went first. His book, Immaculate Deception, a novel, is the first product of the company. The way it works is that all members work on the book in some capacity based on their talents/strengths — cover design, editing, marketing, etc. — and the author, in this case, Scott, shells out the money for all the costs associated with the book (1st run printing costs for 1,000 copies cost Pruden approximately $4,000, and that’s not including any other costs, such as ISBN registration).

It was an interesting way to go that I had not heard about before and seems viable for someone interested in self-publishing who doesn’t want to go it alone. Although I’d hate to be poor #9 on the roster.


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