Shower inspiration? Problem solved.

AquaNotes ready to go!

Imagine my surprise when I opened one of my (many) packages from the Post Office this week and found a sample AquaNotes. Had the AquaNotes people heard my cries for a solution to shower inspiration? Let’s face it: I nearly killed myself umpteen times running across a wet tiled floor in order to write something down on a piece of paper before I forgot what it was.

Well, as the AquaNotes slogan states, no more ideas down the drain! Truth be told, I haven’t tested it yet, but as I embark on revising Baby Grand this month, I’m sure I will soon, so it’s installed (a little spit on some suction cups) and ready to go. This waterproof notepad is so much the answer to my prayers that when my 8-year-old asked if he could use it, I told him to get his own. (Cue evil laugh.) Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll be buying him one for Christmas.


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