I had such a wonderful discussion with my agent yesterday who is so supportive and enthusiastic about Baby Grand, who told me that even after she put the novel down, she would think about it and wonder what would happen next. She told me that the entire office read it and would discuss it, prompting a publishing exec in a neighboring office to read it too. Holy smokes! To say I am elated is an understatement.

What was wonderful, too, was to finally get specific feedback about the writing itself. Writing the last two-thirds of Baby Grand (for those late to the party, I wrote the first third in grad school) was the most I’ve ever gone without getting feedback of some kind on a project from an editor or a professor. So along the way, I would think to myself, Does this make sense? Am I giving too much away? Not enough? Does anyone care?

I wanted someone to ask me why characters did the things they did and make me reexamine their motivations and my own. She did. I scribbled notes like a lunatic during our discussion, and after nearly an hour of hearing her thoughts and criticisms, I was ready to go back to Baby Grand — not just to reread, as I had done earlier this week, but to deepen and lengthen and make it a better book. I want this book to be more than a run-of-the-mill thriller. I want it to be the whole package — suspenseful, topical, sometimes funny, sometimes cringe-worthy, always entertaining.

So for the next four weeks, I’ll be immersed once again in the wonderful world of Baby Grand — delving even deeper and making sure things make sense and that the pacing is correct. Someone from the next office is reading it? Talk about motivation.


4 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Isn’t feedback wonderful? I am going through the same thing myself right now with one of my novels. It is at once a fun and painful process. I avoid it for days/weeks, and then once I start I am joyously immersed. Good luck!

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