Rereading ‘Baby Grand’

For the next few days, I will be rereading my novel, Baby Grand, to get reacquainted with it. Apparently, in the whirlwind that is my life I have forgotten some details, like:

  • How many people has New York State executed in the last six years?
  • What color are Jamie Carter’s eyes?

I’ve been asked to do some guest blogging and interviews and other things with relation to the novel, and I’m drawing blanks. I mean, you’d think I’d know these things, since, well… I dreamt them up.

I’ve reread my novel before, at the beginning of August, but that was while in edit mode, and I was making changes along the way. Now, I’m simply in “read” mode and a bit terrified. I’ll have the assuage the urge to fix.  Oh, boy…


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