The Rent Is Too Damn High!

Since the Executive Mansion in Albany is a primary setting for Baby Grand — and because… well, I live here — I was eager to watch last night’s New York Gubernatorial Debate to see who, among the seven candidates, might be occupying the historical building for the next four years. And for more than an hour — although I did turn the debate off for a bit when the mudslinging started — I was treated to an amusing, bizarre cast of characters that, if run on Saturday Night Live this weekend, could be done so practically as is. Sure, I laughed myself silly. And tweeted. And Facebooked. But part of me wished that there, on that panel, was my own fictional governor, Phillip Grand — a conservative whose politics I may not agree with, but who, I would hope, could sidestep the accusations and put forth a platform with integrity, with intelligence and that was independent-minded. Although I’m sure that even he would agree that the rent is too damn high.


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