Writing Tip #2

Know your ending. So many of my writer friends tell me that knowing the ending of your novel will stifle your creativity, limit the possibilities. I disagree. For me, knowing where I was going while I was writing Baby Grand helped me to get there, no different than driving a car to a destination. On many long nights, being able to envision the final scene was like a beacon in the darkness when I was plagued with doubt and suffering from writer’s block. And once I got to the last page of Baby Grand, my last lines were pretty much as I thought they’d be. However, the circumstances around those lines had changed — scenes were rewritten, characters had developed in new and surprising ways — and that’s because even though I’d ended up where I knew I was going, I had taken a few detours along the way.


5 thoughts on “Writing Tip #2

  1. Good tip! Detours enliven the trip but only when you know you’re eventually going to reach your destination :)

    Years ago I had no idea of my first novel’s ending as I plugged away at the story. It ended up so badly written that I’ve buried it away, never to be seen. I’ve since found that knowing where I want to end up keeps me on track and helps me avoid wallowing in scenes that really have nothing to do with the plot.

  2. Very good tip. I agree with you very much so, but I also think it appends on the story and if you have a theme to the story going.
    I write both with knowing and without knowing the ending, appending on the story I’ve got going.
    One fan fiction I did, I knew the start and the end, but had no middle until I had written the first two chapters, though it hadn’t changed the ending.

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