Richard Gere & Me

I looked at the clock for the third, fourth, fifth time this week (I’ve lost count), and saw the LED lights in the shape of 4 a.m. staring back at me.

Apparently, something is keeping me awake — as if I didn’t know.

Two days ago, I got out of bed and watched the movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale starring Richard Gere, cried myself silly and had puffy, red eyes all day, including during my seminar. Earlier this week, I got out of bed and watched the season 2 premiere of Bored to Death. Of course, in both cases, I spent the first hour piddling around on my blog, Facebook and Twitter, as I am now, before heading to the downstairs television.

This morning, some kindly gentleman on Twitter asked if I could feed his chickens since I’m up so early (I hoping that’s not a euphemism), and for I moment I wished I did have me some chickens so I’d have something to not want to do, which might keep me asleep.

The truth is, I should be working on In the Red, my current novel. And I’m not. It’s like March 2010 of Baby Grand all over again.

In any case, I’m like a spirit wandering around the house, which leads me to the matter of The Mothman Prophecies — coincidentally, another Richard Gere film. Because I’ve been getting up so early, I start to peter out each day around 4 p.m., so I laid down for a few minutes yesterday while the kids were busy Wii-ing and clicked on the television, and there was Richard again, in a film about a series of unexplained phenomena, where there was something important about the time 2:20 a.m. or thereabouts. I only watched a few minutes of the film, because I’d already seen it and wanted to catch the JK Rowling interview on Oprah, but the film got me thinking about the weirdness of getting up at the exact same time every day this week. Is there something important about 4 a.m.? Am I missing something?

Or maybe Richard Gere is the connection. Admittedly, if I leave this computer, turn on the TV downstairs and see that handsome fellow, I’ll be a bit freaked out. But if I’m lucky, I’ll catch the end of An Officer and a Gentleman and cry myself silly all over again.


2 thoughts on “Richard Gere & Me

  1. Loved your blog where I even get a kind mention (priveleged but modest blush!); Chickens real but now extended to 6 so wife and I discussing minding arrangement which I hope to blog about later today; u might like to flick through my blog as there are ‘amusing’ verses/thoughts there which might help you relax and sleep! My wife and I try different means of winding down at end of day; she likes to read and I like to have glass of wine and listen to music; try Anouar Brahem for lovely relaxed lute music or even some light jazz! As for the Richard Gere movie ‘addiction’ problem, watch Coen brother movie ‘Burn after Reading’ instead and you will laugh yourself to sleep. Thanks for sharing your tweet thoughts and happy dreams!

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