Updated Website

Yes, still waiting…

And while I am, I figured I’d go ahead and update my website. For those familiar with my old website, I know what you’re thinking… “Uh, it looks pretty much the same.” Au contraire! Okay, so my illo is the same — love my New York girl! — but I’ve actually streamlined things, slimming down from about 14 pages to 4, and updating my bio, services and contact pages. You can also link to this blog from every page of the site, as well as to my Facebook fan page, and Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Plus, on the homepage there’s a link to the Amazon page of Good Girls Don’t Get Fat (my other baby), which is available for pre-sale now.

A big, big thank you to Amy Newton of Newton Designs who not only designed my original website, but created the new one as well. The testimonial I wrote on her website 5 years ago is as true today as it was then: “Amy is not only professional and conscientious, but very patient and easy to work with.” She’s fab, folks. The whole package.

Okay, so another thing crossed off the old to-do list. Now what?

Ring, phone. Ring…


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