The Space Between

I was reluctant to write a blog post today — I mean, how many times, and in how many angst-ridden ways, can I express my excitement, fear and restlessness as my agent reads the rest of the Baby Grand manuscript. Did she finish? Did she like it? Is it too early to start planning whose gown I’ll be wearing at the red-carpet film premiere?

I’m sort of in an in-between place — waiting for news on Novel #1 and about to embark on Novel #2. Tomorrow’s the day I begin “In the Red,” my second novel, which, according to Jason Schwartzman’s character Jonathan in HBO’s Bored to Death, will prove to be the toughest of them all — if you believe an unlicensed private investigator.

My Accountability Partner has already written more than 500 words, and I’m still wondering how I’m going to start this thing. I don’t want it to be a replica of Baby Grand, even though it’s another thriller. I’m currently reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, and the book seems awfully similar to The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons which is kind of bumming me out and has gotten me thinking about the importance of mixing things up with “In the Red.” Don’t want to stick to a formula. But what if that formula works?

Oh well, that’s tomorrow’s worry. In these final hours of The Space Between, I will be watching the season finales of True Blood, Entourage and Hung. That should get my creative juices flowing.

But first, a little Dave Matthews.


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