‘Immensely’: My New Favorite Word

I stared at the subject line of my agent’s email — “Reading Baby Grand” — and nearly jumped out of my skin. I had been waiting to hear news, but was busy with the revamp of my website and expecting emails from the graphic designer when “Reading Baby Grand” popped onto my screen.

Then, in usual dramatic fashion, I just stared, reveling in the “not knowing” a little bit more.

When I clicked on the email, the writer, the college applicant, the worrywart, in me scanned the short email for the word “unfortunately” — the kiss of death. It wasn’t there. Instead, I read these magic words:

“…enjoying it immensely.”

That’s what she wrote. About my manuscript. My baby. Baby Grand. That she’s reading right now, as I type this.

Then she wrote: “Stay tuned.”

Are you kidding? I had only been leaving my screen to sleep and shower. I’d already figured out how to eat here without getting crumbs on the keyboard and play board games on a diagonal. Hmmm, I wonder if I can manage to get this chair to recline…


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