And the Winner Is…

Well,  I asked. You answered.

Fifty-seven percent of you chose “In the Red” as your favorite name for my new novel, which is actually the working title I was leaning toward. Both “Fixed Assets” and “Numbers Game” were tied, receiving 21 percent of the vote each.

So. I have a name in place. A vague idea of what the book’s about. An Accountability Partner (AP) to keep me on track. A start date (September 13). End date (June 2011). And a plan — 500 words a day, no weekends. (If you remember, my daily word count for Baby Grand had been 1,000 words a day, which was really the perfect daily goal for me, allowing me to write enough each day and still live my life — play with my kids, sleep, see a movie. But going forward I’m factoring in time that I might need for any editing/rewriting of Baby Grand, as well as some sorely needed income-producing gigs.)

Change is in the air. Cooler temps. Back-to-school. Feels right. I’m ready to roll.


2 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…

  1. Sounds like a good plan! I always set myself deadlines – although nothing quite compares with the publisher saying ‘We’re going into production tomorrow’. That’s when you know time’s up – no more opportunities to change, amend, and correct. It’s a scary feeling!

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