5/48: My Top 5 Retweets from the Past 48 Hours

As I’m waiting this out, trying not to lose too much hair, I’ve been spending lots of time on Twitter reading and trying to keep myself from checking my email inbox incessantly (it’s not working). In the past two days, I’ve come across so many great sites with interesting and useful info for writers that I thought I’d pick my Top 5 and the Tweeps who shared them:

@chrisbrogan: How to Grow Traffic to Your Blog (some of the marketing basics you should be doing, and all of them free)

@rachellegardner: Author Headshots (why professional writers need professional headshots)

@BookBuzzr: 5 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page (again, free marketing tips — the best kind for us starving writers)

@thecreativepenn: To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish (one of the better pieces I’ve read on this topic)

@elizabethscraig: 5 Ways Blogging Has Made Me a Better Writer (didn’t need to read this to know the answer — a big YES! — but now I know why)

And the waiting continues…


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