Please Vote!

In celebration of #WriterWednesday, I thought I’d take a quick poll: I’ve got three working titles in mind for my new novel, a thriller in which a cocky CPA in a large accounting firm is accused of murder (at least, that’s what it’s about at the moment). I like one more than the others, but I’m still on the fence. Please take a look, and vote for your favorite of the three. C’mon… it’ll only take a moment. (And if you really love or hate one, or all of them, let me know that too in the comments.) I’ll post the results in a few days. Happy September!


3 thoughts on “Please Vote!

  1. I really don’t like Numbers Game- it’s too generic. I LOVE In the Red. That’s a great title because it ties in both the CPA part and the murder part. Very cool title.

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