Meet Chris Simmons

Another Q&A with a first-time author I met on Twitter (@Diverseman2020). If you’re a debut author and would like to share some tips or insights about writing a book for the very first time, contact me via Twitter or Facebook.

Name: Chris Simmons

Name of book: Journey Beyond A Diverse Man: An Escapement through Letters, Poetry and Thoughts

Date Published: September 2009

Publisher: Xlibris

What is your book about? Journey Beyond a Diverse Man is testament about what goes on inside a person and the events around his livelihood. Expressing himself on paper as an escapement to release whatever fabricates in his mind.

Most challenging part of the writing process: Spending countless hours and days putting everything together, eliminating what is not good for the reader. I’ve found it’s best to feed the reader and give them the vision in your writing, so they can get the big picture and share with others about your book.

How long did it take you to write this book? Any roadblocks along the way? It took about a year and a half to put the book together. Yes, there were roadblocks. Some people laughed at me [when they found out I was] writing a book. Others doubted me and thought I was foolish.

Favorite aspect of the writing process for this book: Channeling into different cultural affairs to encounter each passage of the book.

You chose to self-publish this work. Why? I chose self-publishing to test the waters as a first-time writer. I’d like to see how the public reacts to my writing and get some feedback positive or negative.

Biggest misconception about writing a book: Leading the reader in the wrong direction by writing the way you feel, but not breaking everything down, not giving the reader that vision & understanding. Anybody can write a book, but you must put  your heart and soul into your writing. That’s how a reader will understand you.

Do you plan to do this again? Yes, I’m planning on writing another book, because I feel very spirited giving the reader a part of me.


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