Out of Site, Out of Sorts

Filed under “trying to keep busy and not think about you-know-what,” I just hired a designer — Amy Newton of Newton Designs — to revamp my website, which is in dire need of updating. Amy did my original site, and I’m looking forward to having it better reflect the things I’m doing now — what my friend Michelle calls “this new phase of my writing life” — including books, seminars, etc.

I also cleaned out all the kids’ closets and drawers and have 3 large garbage bags’ worth of too-small, stained, faded and worn clothing to be hauled off to charity. I couldn’t help but think of how all that empty closet and drawer space, waiting to be filled again with new clothes, mirrors the recesses of my mind, waiting to be filled once again with colorful new characters and storylines, creating all kinds of exciting possibilities.

Next on my list this week is sending out mail, buying school supplies, orthodontic appointments and more. I am scattered and miss the focus I had earlier in the summer, one thing on my mind from morning till night, and I look forward to those long stretches of time during the upcoming school days — beginning September 13 — when I can leave the laundry and errands behind and return to the wonderful world of make-believe.


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