The Calm Before Novel #2

It’s weird being up before the sun and not having a writing deadline hanging over me. Feels kinda nice, although I hope I don’t get too used to it.

I’m gearing up for Novel #2, which I’ll be starting the week after the kids go back to school. The idea of embarking on a completely new story feels a bit odd, as if I’m packing my bags and leaving my kids with relatives while I go parent other ones. And having already attended my first PTA meeting, I feel the glorious emptiness of summer slipping away as my calendar boxes fill up, and I’m concerned: After all, it was being spread too thin, I believe, that gave me writer’s block last spring, resulting in long stretches of no writing days and a series of angst-ridden blog posts. And this time, there’s no agent waiting for the manuscript. I’m on my own.

But I’ve been here before. And I’ve been all right. My hope is that having a novel behind me — and a non-fiction book beside me — will give me the extra fortitude to bully my way through the roadblocks, both on my calendar and in my brain, to get the job done.

By June 2011.

My new deadline. There it is.

Let the angst begin.


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