Hard Work. Persistence. Honesty.

When bestselling author and marketing guru Seth Godin vowed never to publish his books traditionally again, the announcement caused shockwaves throughout the industry. (Read the full mediabistro interview). For someone who’s trying to publish a book the old-fashioned way, a dream since childhood, the news is a bit disheartening, although I agree that not everyone has the following or the type of content or the means to follow Godin’s lead.

However, I admire so much of what Godin’s about. I know that he was talking in terms of building a brand, but these tenets can be applied to anything we do:

  • The importance of getting ideas out as broadly as possible.
  • The need to stand for something and not be a “wandering generality.”
  • The idea that if you communicate in an authentic way that they will come — those ones and twos and tens of followers or fans or readers will turn into tens of thousands. “At some point, the work you do has to be magical enough that it spreads without you harassing people.”
  • Having patience. “It’s drip, drip, drip every day — asking people for permission, not violating their trust, giving them what you promised and nothing else.”

This is nothing new. It’s about hard work. Persistence. Honesty. And whether you’re creating a platform, writing a novel or dribbling things your dad says onto your Twitter account, people will take notice.


One thought on “Hard Work. Persistence. Honesty.

  1. YESSS! Indie Publishing all the way!

    KEEP creative control

    KEEP more profits

    NEVER go out of print

    …The future is here!

    Jeff Emmerson – Author of a Gritty, Reflective and Inspiring Memoir.

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