Oh, Blessed Mail Carrier, Where Are You?

As I anxiously await the word from my agent and her colleagues on Baby Grand, I have been distracted by the release of advance copies of Good Girls Don’t Get Fat, which will be published this fall. Yay! But I have not received my copy yet. Boo… And for the past few days I’ve been peeking through my curtains in search of my mail carrier’s little white truck parked on my street corner and trying not to attack him as he walks up my front path (reminds me of the days when I had babies and I craved adult interaction — with anyone!).

I can’t wait to feel the book in my hands, see my name on its title page, reread the copy that author Robyn Silverman and I worked so hard to perfect. The majority of last year was spent writing GOOD GIRLS, and I am so proud to have been a part of this very special and important book, which is really (and I’m not just saying this) so full of great advice for raising body healthy and confident girls. (Good Girls already got its first darn nice review. I mean, SOMEONE’S got to knock off that Sh*t My Dad Says from the top of the bestsellers list.) I learned so much during my collaboration with Robyn, and, as I’ve told her, I’m definitely a better mother having been a part of this project. Now if only the mail guy would come, I could stop ignoring my children and get on with my life…


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