I’m Back! Now What?

Back from vacation. Very happy too be home. Crazy happy to be home, and I’m not sure why — considering I’ll be doing laundry for who knows how many hours straight.

In any case, it’s back to the old grind for this writer… Or is it?

For a good year and a half, I’ve had two book projects hanging over me like a storm cloud from the moment I woke up until I crawled into bed at night. I started BABY GRAND — well, “officially” started it — in February 2009 as an assignment during my Master’s work at Hofstra, and then in May 2009 I was hired to co-write/ghostwrite/help/assist/serve as the writer for (I’m never sure how to refer to my role) GOOD GIRLS DON’T GET FAT, authored by Dr. Robyn Silverman, which will be published this October. I put BABY GRAND on hold to work on that book, and then once we finished it — just before Christmas — I threw myself back into the novel (after a several-month break to create my daughter’s 5th grade yearbook), finishing it this month when I gleefully emailed it to my agent.

So here I am, that nagging cloud gone, beautiful blue sky and sunshine. And I’m wondering, What now?

Of course, the waiting has begun. What will my agent and her colleagues think of BABY GRAND? Is it interesting? Well-written? Hopeless?

But I can’t think about that. I won’t get anything done.

Hey, James Patterson is offering up the first 30 chapters of his new novel, THE POSTCARD KILLERS, for free. I could read while I wait, can’t I?

Nope. Must. Keep. Busy.

Must. Earn. Money.

No doubt, I’ll be starting Novel #2 in a few weeks, after the kids go back to school, but judging by the red of my bank account, I’ll need to step up the income. I’ve been thinking about teaching, tutoring, going back full-force into freelance journalism, although the appeal of the latter has lessened. I’ll continue to serve as the executive editor of Family and Salute magazines, publications that are put out by Family Media — a client and gig I love — but the piecemeal and “business” nature of freelance journalism has soured me on the news game. Plus, I think I’ve been spoiled by two big projects — I loved the longtime, research-based collaboration of the one just as much as the longtime, make-it-up-as-I-go solitude of the other.

But, hey, it’s only my first day back. Got time to sort through things. And I really should start with my dirty laundry.

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