It’s a Manuscript!

The long labor is over!

The Baby Grand manuscript has arrived, weighing in at 279 pages and 78,644 words, and was delivered to The Stonesong Press at 11:47 p.m. on Monday, August 9, 2010.


I’m a little in shock, to tell you the truth. It’s like I gave birth to a child, feeling the exhaustion and nervousness and exhilaration that comes with it, and have already sent it off to college, leaving me with an odd case of empty-nest syndrome. How will my little Baby do without me by her side, hand-holding and explaining? Will she hold her own against everything else out there? Will they like her? Love her? Loathe her? Did I do right by her?

I feel good, though. When I think back to how far along I was two months ago, when I road-tripped to Albany, I’m astounded that the book ever got finished at all. But somehow it did, and here I am, and there it went.

Well, I guess it’s all up to Baby now. I’ve done all I can do, for the time being, so I’m off on vacation — to celebrate, to rest, to spend time with my very neglected family. But I’m sure that won’t stop me from wondering, and checking my phone/email often to see if there’s been any word on how Baby’s doing in the real world.

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Manuscript!

  1. Congratulations! I hope you have a well deserved rest, and I look forward to hearing more as Baby Grand goes from manuscript to print! I can’t wait to read it!

  2. Hip hip hurray! What an incredible accomplishment! So very proud of you for persevering. I can’t wait to get my copy.

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