About 2/3 Done (Or So I Think…)

Okay, I #amwriting about 1,000 words a day. Totally in the zone. Totally loving the process. Thank God. I have no idea how some of these other writers I follow on Twitter manage to do thousands more a day — 1,000 just about keeps me productive, but sane.

I hit the 60,000-word mark today. Woo hoo! My Master’s English professor would be proud. I’m putting this first, like she said I needed to, like I did for Good Girls Don’t Get Fat, the nonfiction book I wrote with Dr. Robyn Silverman last year that will be published in October by Harlequin. Well, I’m putting it as first as a gal with three hungry kids with piles of laundry and dishes can in the middle of summer.

The funny thing is I find that the more I write, the farther away the finish line seems to go. Ten days ago, I hit the 50,000-word mark, and, I swear, I feel as if I’ve hardly moved forward plotwise. Is that a good thing? Does that mean I’m developing layered, nuanced characters and an intricate, detailed plot? I sure hope so.

Originally, I envisioned Baby Grand to be about 300 pages — and that was just a number I pretty much pulled out of a hat. I’m hoping by the time I hit 70,000 words — by July 19, fingers crossed — I’ll have a better sense of just exactly how long this puppy is going to be.

Well, “break time” is up. I’ve got 655 words to go today, and, plus, the tween vultures are circling. It must be dinnertime.

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