This One’s for You, Pop!

Today’s the anniversary of my parents’ wedding. I’d tell you how many years they’ve been married, but my mom’s not big on numbers, so, as a little present for Mother’s Day, I’ll have to leave you guessing.

I called her this morning, and she told me that she can’t believe that so many years (note vagueness) have gone by, because she feels so young. (She also looks so young.) Then she told me that my Pop, her father, always used to say that our eyes are meant to look outward, that we’re built not to be able to view our own faces for a reason. This way, our insides don’t know how old our outsides really are — they’re not supposed to. And we can always be forever young if we choose never to look.

My Pop, who passed away in 2008 after a lengthy illness, was so great. Funny. Smart. Kind. He was a disgruntled writer, writing in a time and world in which nobody cared about writing. If he only knew how much I cared, how, as a little girl, I used to sneak peaks at his writing notebooks, hidden away in his drawers. If he only knew how much of an influence he had on me, and how much of my writing was inspired by him.

This one’s for you, Pop. I miss you.

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2 thoughts on “This One’s for You, Pop!

  1. Dina,

    I love the part about “how our eyes are meant to look outward…” Very inspiring! I bet your grandfather is looking down from above and is very proud of you! :)

    Take care,

  2. Hi Dina,

    I agree with Kathleen. Pop “IS” looking down at you and saying “Is that my little granddaughter who I always enjoyed talking to and listening to. The little girl who would listen to all my stories with wide eyes and make me feel like I was the smartest man in the world. The little girl who had a school project and picked ME as the person she wanted to interview. (On tape). Now I’m looking down at her with wide eyes, and proud of the way she’s grown into a beautiful and kind young woman”. Whoever we meet in this life, when we pass someone on the street, when we get together with our family and friends, or when we interact with people at work. All have an impact on our lives. We were lucky, we had our POP. The impact he had on us will never be forgotten. “Here’s looking at you Pop”.

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