A Good Writing Day. Thank God!

Yesterday, I mapped out the entire novel. Thank God! Yes, there are still tons of holes that need to be filled, but the basic blueprint is there.

I’m not naive enough to think that scenes won’t change. I’ve written enough feature articles and creative non-fiction to know that sentences and sentiments change right up until the minute you press “send.” But at least I have an outline to work within and feel that my work is purposeful again, like it was when I first began writing Baby Grand last year.

More good news: I think I solved my epilogue dilemma, figured out a way to end the novel the way I wanted without having to relate the events in epilogue style. It came to me while I was in my car driving to Waldbaum’s yesterday to pick up something for dinner. (Frustrated with writing, I tend to head to my two favorite places to think: the shower or the car.) I literally screamed for joy. Years ago, a sudden outburst in a car sitting at a traffic light would have aroused curiosity, but nowadays, with blue tooth and other hands-free driving devices so ubiquitous, drivers think nothing of those of us sitting in a car alone and talking, laughing or screaming to themselves. Kind of scary, actually…

Yes, yesterday was a good writing day. Let’s hope I can keep the momentum going.

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4 thoughts on “A Good Writing Day. Thank God!

  1. Dina,

    Thank you for talking about mapping out your story. That’s what I need to do. I did it once, wrote a few chapters, then put the novel away to concentrate on promoting first one once I found a publisher. Now I’m back on second novel and so much of the story has changed IN MY HEAD from original ideas and synopsis.

    Loved what you said about ideas coming to you while driving or in the shower. I used to tell my husband that somebody needs to invent a waterproof device for writers to write while in the shower. I honestly thought about using a grease pencil and board but then thought better of it. LOL. Just means I have to hurry up and get out of the shower and jot down my ideas. Saves on water…..

    Can you talk about narrators and POV in a future blog? My first novel was told multiple viewpoint but limited to main character and about 4 others. In new novel I’m trying to tell the story third person but limited to single viewpoint of main character with brief letters/journal entries opening each chapter. I like the texture it lends. Hope it works.


    • Hey, Kathleen!

      I laughed out loud when I read your grease pencil/board idea. I think it’s genius!!

      I would love to address the topic of narrators and POV in a future blog. Thanks so much for the suggestion. Narrative voice is certainly something that I struggle with, and I think many writers do. When I was in grad school, one of my professors was so discouraged by the narrative voice of her students that she decided to create a new class devoted to it.

      As always, Kathleen, thank you so much for your interest in and support of this blog. I look forward to reading your second novel — and getting an autographed copy! :)

  2. Dina and Kathleen,

    I saw this last week.

    AquaNotes® is a waterproof notepad that allows you to record your great ideas while you’re in the shower. It’s so durable you can even write underwater.


    I’m not sure if I’ll order it or not, but it’s cheap enough to try. I tend to just repeat my ideas over and over while I’m getting dressed and rush to the computer.

    I’m so happy things are taking form and you are hitting your stride!


  3. Dina and Barbara,

    I cracked up over the waterproof notepad. Barbara, this is too funny. I watched the video. The ink is soy based :) I told my husband I might order, but then I have a fear that I’ll STOP THINKING IN THE SHOWER. I think I’ll keep doing what you do. Hurry up, towel off, and race to the computer or DRY notepad by side of bed. LOL!

    My husband worries that if I order the shower notepad it will run our water bill up. Like, I’ll NEVER leave the shower. But then I remind him, “No, that was back in the days when the boys were little and I needed a place to hide.”

    Have a glorious weekend ladies. And Barbara, I hope you catch the Tulip Thief !!


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