Clean Slate Everyday

I logged onto Facebook this morning and saw the following post from Freelance Writing Jobs, a group I just started following: “It’s Clean Slate Monday. How will you make a positive start?”

I like that. And the truth is, every day is a Clean Slate Day. I think we forget that sometimes. We tend to drag yesterday’s disappointments and failures into our squeaky-clean, unopened days, leaving the fresh starts for some of the more notable “new beginning” days like January 1st or the first day of a new school year. We’ve been conditioned to do that, just like how many of us only eat turkey on Thanksgiving or save the gift-giving for birthdays and Christmas.

The FWJ post actually made me think of a scene from Baby Grand, where Jamie, my main character, is walking in midtown Manhattan and spies a similar “rah rah” headline on a magazine cover, and it inspires her to try and make a few changes in her life.

I say we all do something today that’s unexpected, that’s out of character. Because while routines are useful and dependable, they make us forget that we’re the ones calling the shots. Not our alarm clocks. Not the television schedules. Not even our past.

So go rollerblading. Get a haircut. Call your mother. Write a poem. And if you don’t get a chance to? Is your day filled with household chores, work deadlines and other commitments? Then do it tomorrow. It will be Clean Slate Tuesday, after all.

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