I’m Not Writing…

Had time set aside to write (catch up) today, but of course a (somewhat) sick child threw a monkey wrench into my plans. Then if that weren’t enough, a call from my tax advisor sent me frantically digging through paperwork (again) and running to the bank — with a sick child in tow (not fun).

And, of course, the “I’m not writing…” cloud follows me everywhere.

Now my other two are home, and hungry. And the baseball practice/track meet extravaganza begins in less than an hour. Chicken nuggets, anyone?


One thought on “I’m Not Writing…

  1. As long as you serve them with ketchup :)

    Just had lunch with a novelist with two novels under her belt. (Harper Collins) We talked about the whole guilt thing and then we talked about the “Jealousy” thing. OMG — I’m so glad she mentioned it cause I thought I was the only one!!! Being jealous of other writers… I think I need a frontal lobotomy! :) Then I wouldn’t feel guilty for not writing…

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